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Bovada hand history converter is now built-in in ICMIZER.
ICMIZER now supports Bovada (ex Bodog) hand histories while PokerTracker and HoldemManager officially don't. You can easily import your Bovada hand history files to ICMIZER for review. No additional intermediate software is required.
A new approach to learning push/fold in ICMIZER 2
For regs, semi-regs and "lazy asses." A little request as well. ICMIZER 2 will offer you a completely new way of learning. It makes the player's development automatic and will answer your main questions: "what do I need to work on?" and "how can I do that?"
Learn a winning Spin & Go PokerStars tournament strategy in ICMIZER
Spin & Go tournament hands can be easily reviewed in ICMIZER. Luck will play a much bigger role in Spin & Go's than SNG players are used to.
Analyzing Fifty50 poker tournaments with ICM Calculator
Learn about ICM analysis of Fifty50 tournaments with ICMIZER.
Bonus Free 1 Week ICMIZER Subscription key Promotion
Learn more about free 1 week bonus ICMIZER subscription key promotion.
FGS (Future Game Simulations) Calculations Explained
In this article you will learn how FGS (Future Game Simulation) model based calculations work compared to the traditional ICM poker tournament model.
Huge FGS (Future Game Simulations) update has arrived
Wow. It has finally happened. FGS update was highly anticipated and it is now live and available for all ICMIZER subscribers.
IMPORTANT: ICMIZER website moves to new domain:
We expect to complete all the maintenance tasks today, on 11th December.
Analysis of difficult push fold SNG tournament spots
Reader level: Expert

Deep dive in the world of ICM calculations and Nash equilibrium solutions in difficult push fold SNG tournament spots.
ICMIZER adds Winamax hand history format support
Adding Winamax support was on TO DO list for a while. Now it is finally done.