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Announcing ICMIZER 2 Beta Testing + Review Contest

by Q.

The poker world is on the verge of a sweeping change.
We’ve created the first ever Preflop SNG Coach based on a revolutionary approach to learning Push-or-Fold play.
Our ICMIZER preflop calculator is more convenient than ever and now integrated with a hand-replaying tool.


ICMIZER 2 logo


Have you got what it takes to determine your REAL preflop skill level?
...and take it a step up?
It’s time to experience the power of SNG Coach. Time to evaluate the improved ICMIZER calculator.

Apply now to secure your access to ICMIZER 2 as a beta tester and start benefiting now.

We’ll be doing the beta testing in two stages. The first, closed stage is already underway. While it features competitive enrollment, 26 ICMIZER 2 subscriptions are up for grabs, so don’t miss your chance!


  1. Apply for beta testing now if you’re a paying ICMIZER customer and would like to share your success story involving ICMIZER
  2. Prize pool: 26 subscriptions for ICMIZER 2
  3. How to submit your testimonial
  4. How to report bugs, errors and testing feedback

ICMIZER 2 logo

June 1st: Beta-testing Stage 1

The first, limited-access stage of beta-testing is already underway. All you need to start is being a paying ICMIZER customer and sharing your success story. Read on for contest rules and prizes.

Success stories, Contest prizes and rules

ICMIZER 1 has helped hundreds of players around the world to boost their poker skills and improve their tournament results. Are you one of these people? Then tell us about your experience and your success with ICMIZER and gain access TODAY to beta-test ICMIZER 2, Preflop SNG Coach and Replayer!

What to include in your ICMIZER testimonial:

  • When did you start using ICMIZER?
  • What do you like about it?
  • How has ICMIZER helped you get better poker results?
  • Who would you recommend ICMIZER to?

Shoot video or write your story:

  • Video: Record a 1-2 minute video sharing your experience. Use a camera, phone or webcam – whatever you prefer. Oh, and please send it in either English or Russian.
  • Written Story: Describe your experience with ICMIZER in as much detail as you can. Be sure to include your full name and/or nickname as well as your photo.

Let’s all agree that there’s one word which has no space in our dictionary (at least in our poker life), which is shyness! So demonstrate your creativity, energy and drive and impress us all with your abilities!

We recommend submitting a video for two reasons. First, as beta testing spaces are limited, video contributors will enjoy priority access. Second, you can only win one of four Grand Prizes—YEARLY subscriptions for ICMIZER 2—if you submit a video.

Permission to use your testimonial: By submitting your success story and testimonial, you agree that we can use it and/or your photo for promoting and marketing ICMIZER.

Contest results: We’ll select and publish the best stories on Awesome rewards are in store for all winners!

Enroll now and Win one of 26 subscriptions for ICMIZER 2!

Beta-testing Stage 2

We’ll move on to Stage 2 after collecting enough feedback on Stage 1, which may take from 2 to 4 weeks. Stay tuned for more news on this at

Help us beta test ICMIZER 2 in three simple steps

  1. Send your application to [email protected] to enroll as a beta tester. Be sure to include the following details in your email.

    For Beta Testing Stage 1:

    Email subject: “Beta1 ICMIZER 2”
    Email body: “I’d like to take part in the closed beta testing of ICMIZER. My ICMIZER nickname is: …”
    (We’ll need your ICMIZER nickname to check your status as an active user.)
    THEN, ATTACH your testimonial:
    • If sending a video, please attach it to your email OR provide a downloadable link to your video hosted on a service like Dropbox or Google Drive.
    • If you’re sending a written story, please attach your photo or avatar.
    (Your testimonial is required.)
  2. Gain access to ICMIZER 2 Beta.

    Once we review your submission, you will immediately gain to three tools: the new IСMIZER, SNG Coach and Replayer

  3. Start using the tools and report any bugs or errors you find.

    Send us your bug reports as well as any other feedback you may have about the software to [email protected]. Please include “Beta Bug Report” in the email subject.