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Postflopizer Tournament Postflop Analysis Exclusive Preview
Exciting Update for paying ICMIZER Users: Free Exclusive Access to Postflopizer
Postflopizer Update: Advanced Tournament (ICM, MTT, PKO) Support
Explore the latest Postflopizer update featuring advanced ICMIZER tournament functionality with ICM models, MTT, PKO support, and postflop GTO simulations.
How to review a hand using GTO Solver Postflopizer
Learn what some of the most important questions you should be asking yourself in a post flop hand review, and see how you can arrive at meaningful answers using Postflopizer GTO Solver.
ICMIZER 3.22.0 – MTT Coach and Replayer Quality of Life Improvements
In the ICMIZER 3.22.0 update, we've made some quality of life improvements in MTT Coach and Replayer
Why busting early in the tournament is worse than you think
Bubbling is brutal but if it happens to you, it means you played well enough to put yourself in a position to play in a profitable spot. Busting first hand of a tournament is always a disaster strategically. If you think busting early in poker tournaments is a good thing, you are doing them wrong.
Poker ICM 101: What is ICM poker? ICM poker term explained
The ICM poker term stands for the Independent Chip Model. In poker ICM allows to convert tournament players stacks in chips into their money equity (as percentage of total or remaining prize pool).
GTO Poker Solvers – PioSolver Review
Today the GTO poker solver is undoubtedly a must-have poker tool for any professional poker player to spend time learning GTO strategy and doesn't fall behind their opponents. You can practice the GTO strategy with solvers and significantly improve your postflop skills.
Kick-Off on PokerStars – Poker Strategy, Rules & Rake
Behind tricky definitions and obscure phrases like "sprint" or "finish line" hides a 4-way fast-paced PKO (Progressive Knockout) tournament with large blinds and the majority of hands played at the push/fold stage and no classic prize pool.
SNG Coach Is Now MTT Coach with a New Quiz List and Filter
We've significantly improved the usability of the personal adaptive push/fold coach and changed the name to more relevant to its set of tools and features – MTT Coach.
High Cost of Not Being Aggressive Enough Without ICMIZER
Most players do not recognise how aggressive they can be. When you have studied ICMIZER in depth, you will learn how to capitalise on a chip lead on the bubble by building a huge stack for the final table.