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Open beta testing of ICMIZER 2 begins

by Q.

Today, August 20, the long-awaited open beta testing of ICMIZER 2 begins! All current subscribers are invited to request access to ICMIZER 2 Beta

ICMIZER 2 logo

All three tools included in ICMIZER 2 are available for testing:

  1. ICMIZER preflop calculator
  2. Personal push/fold SNG Coach
  3. Replayer for replaying hands


  1. “Holy Grail of push/fold” of ICMIZER 2
  2. How apply for open beta testing?

“Holy Grail of push/fold” of ICMIZER 2

We thank everyone who took part in closed beta testing for your extremely helpful feedback. We’re already acting on your ideas and suggestions! Here are some impressions of ICMIZER 2 that we’d like to share:

“Your app is off the charts man, thanks a lot!”
Valeriy D.

“I really love the SNG Coach and I think it's really helpful to put into practice some of the things ICMIZER can do for you. I think it's a GENIUS idea.”.
Rômulo A.

“The program is really awesome… The whole program looks amazing. I have only tested the quizzes so far but its smooth and it is by far the best looking ICM program I have ever used. The quizzes seem to evaluate your levels pretty well. Its quite amazing how quickly it realized I was a fish with ICM and tailored the questions accordingly… This program really is amazing so unbelievable job thus far!”
Jack S.

“SNG Coach feels like the Holy Grail of push/fold… I love how it works, the ranking and leaderboard system is way cool.”
Arseniy F.

“Hi Valentin, I just love your quizzes they’re head and shoulders above your competitors :)”
Eugeny T.

“I especially used the sng coach a lot now, as it is the part of ICMIZER 2 i’m most interested in. It really can improve my game a lot! Because the immediate feedback is so much faster than if you mark your hands and review them later with Icmizer or HRC. I think you really have a USP here. The quiz of SNG Wizard is shit, because the ranges are crap and also there are not any algorithms to make the quizzes challenges. You are just so far away its incredible.”
Julian W.

How apply for open beta testing?

We’re not stopping here though, and we will continue to enhance ICMIZER thanks to your additional feedback during the open beta testing phase.

If you have an active ICMIZER 1 subscription and you would like to participate in the open beta testing of ICMIZER 2, please apply by emailing [email protected] with the following information:

Email subject: «Beta2 ICMIZER 2»
Email body:: I would like to take part in open beta testing of ICMIZER 2 as [insert your ICMIZER username here].

If you don’t have an active ICMIZER 1 subscription, consider buying and activating one to become eligible for this open beta testing. Rest assured that your subscription to ICMIZER 1 will carry over to ICMIZER 2 after it’s released!

Talk to you later,

P.S. We’ve just completed our closed beta testing phase with a prize pool of 26 ICMIZER 2 subscriptions. Over 60 players worldwide have sent us their written and video reviews, some of which we shared in 13 testimonials about ICMIZER.