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ICMIZER 2: The Software for Winning Big in Online Poker

by Q.

What is the ideal poker software for improving your poker game and boosting your tournament results—and winnings? Read on to learn about ICMIZER 2 and why you can’t afford not to use it.


  1. Pump up your push/fold muscles the smart way
  2. New generation of poker software for tournament players
  3. Your personal Push/Fold SNG Coach
  4. Replayer for watching previously played hands
  5. The improved ICMIZER preflop calculator
  6. Take the shortest path to high-stakes poker tournaments with ICMIZER 2

Pump up your push/fold muscles the smart way

Making the right preflop decisions is a crucial skill in today’s tournament poker, with its ever growing blinds.

That feeling of confidence when you push or fold and know you’ve made the best move possible, putting your less prepared opponents in a tight spot—that’s every tournament player’s dream.

In some areas of life, your progress and achievements are obvious at a glance. If you go to the local gym to pump iron, you can see how buff you’ve gotten just by looking in the mirror.

But in tournament poker, your push/fold skills are not so easy to see.

How would you rate your game and your recent progress? Do your results over the last few months reflect your level? To some degree, sure. But because of luck, it’s only an average. If you’re winning, you must be doing something right. If you’re losing, you must be doing something wrong. But what exactly?

Some poker players say, “Overall I’m making money at <blind level>.” Good for you! But this is a subjective evaluation that does very little to bring out your specific skills. A detailed skill evaluation could tell you a lot more, couldn’t it? Wouldn’t you like to see an accurate reflection of your Push/Fold muscles, day in and day out? See which muscles of yours are already pumped and which you need to focus on first?

Push/Fold muscles before and after ICMIZER 2 SNG Coach

What is your skill level on the bubble? How about 4-hand? 3-max on the final table of an 180-player MTT? What gives you an edge at open-push play as compared to calling in, or vice versa?

It seems no one—not even Daniel Negreanu —has answers to this kind of questions. No software exists that could objectively measure your preflop skills across all the categories and games stages.

That was the case until now.

Tournament type, open push or calling all in, relative call stack, number of remaining opponents—all of these categories or dimensions that your preflop game could possibly be measured in—are now measurable.

Evaluate your specific skill ratings to:

  • identify your shortcomings i.e. the areas that you need to work on first and foremost,
  • identify your strong spots i.e. the areas where you’re already competent and which are responsible for your progress so far. You can develop them later, after you focus on the areas that need the most improvement, and
  • start improving your spots right away to dramatically boost your tournament poker performance

To improve as fast as you can,you need the best training. Whether you analyze the games you’ve actually played or use virtualized training, you stand to gain the most from a high-IQ Push/Fold coach. Especially when you have all the time in the world to think through your potential game decisions.

As part of the new ICMIZER 2, your personal preflop SNG Coach will give you 20/20 preflop vision NOW, allowing you to pump your Push/Fold skills in the fastest way possible.

New generation of poker software for tournament players

The game is becoming more and more competitive. Many players are realizing that success is not about how big your bankroll is today, but how you good you are at high-stakes tournaments and how big your bankroll will be tomorrow.

To get that edge over your opponents, you need poker software that will help you figure out ICM and effectively develop your Push/Fold skills.

ICMIZER 2 is a 3-in-1 suite including the improved ICMIZER preflop calculator plus two brand new tools: your personal Push/Fold SNG Coach and Replayer for watching previously played hands.

ICMIZER 2 is inspired by the needs of poker players like you, and based on your input and feedback. With a sleek, user-friendly interface, it has many smart features to help you work on your tournament preflop game.


SNG Coach, your personal Push/Fold coach

Few of us can afford a personal poker coach. Instead we typically choose tools like ICM quizzes and Push/Fold training exercises.

SNG Coach is the much-anticipated program using a realistic game setting and ICM quizzes to help you master Push/Fold play. Covering all of the different aspects of Push/Fold, SNG Coach provides truly personalized training and answers the key questions you would ask a real coach: “What areas should I work on?” and “How should I work on those areas?”.

The Coach shows your current proficiency across a range of skill zones so you can decide what areas to focus on next. Unlike the quizzes you may have seen before, SNG Coach adapts to your skill level. By tailoring question difficulty to the player’s level, it can be equally effective for a novice or a pro.

11 key benefits of preflop SNG Coach

  • Comprehensively analyzes and develops your Push/Fold skills to help you compete in tournaments like SNG, MTTSNG, MTT, Heads UP, Spin & Go, Fifty 50 and others. Tournaments
  • SNG Coach lets you train your skills in different areas of Push/Fold play, based on:
    • How many players are left at the table
    • The relative stack size: small, average or large
    • The situation: open push or calling an all-in
    Areas of Push/Fold
  • For every training, SNG Coach uses smart algorithms to generate realistic hand situations that you may face in the selected type of tournament.
  • For the generated setup, SNG Coach offers you 4 different hands to either Push or Fold. Each spot can teach you something, so take advantage of this opportunity to make decisions for different hands within the same setup to deepen your understanding of Push/Fold play.
  • SNG Coach always tailors question difficulty to your progress and current skill level. What is question difficulty? The closer a hand gets to the borderline where the Push EV and Fold EV are both approaching zero, the more difficult it is to decide between them. SNG Coach question
  • In the answer analysis mode, SNG Coach reveals the optimal plays for each of the 4 hands. It also shows you the hero’s entire push range, and your opponent’s push range for calling an all-in. SNG Coach answer analysis mode
  • In each training area, two performance indicators show your progress: your Rating and your Ranking compared to other users of SNG Coach worldwide. The Top 20 players get to see their overall place in the global leaderboard. Your Rating and Ranking
  • Before starting the training, SNG Coach quickly tests your skills to adapt initial question difficulty to your level.

Always firm but fair, SNG Coach could give some real coaches a head start

  • You are able to concentrate on nothing but learning, as the Coach adapts the workload to your current skill level, ensuring the best learning pace for you.
  • It reveals your strengths and weaknesses, highlighting the areas that need improvement the most for a rapid positive impact on your Push/Fold strategy.
  • It provides an unbiased assessment of your learning progress, also comparing it to that of other leading players worldwide.

REPLAYER for watching previously played hands

Replayer is a sleek-looking program for replaying Holdem hands you’ve played in tournaments. The key advantage of ICMIZER 2 Replayer is that it shares the same list of hands with ICMIZER.

Shared list of hands in ICMIZER 2 Replayer

Thanks to this shared list you can forward hands from Replayer to ICMIZER to analyze them, or send a hand back from ICMIZER to Replayer to review how the hand progressed.

Sending hands from Replayer to ICMIZER 2

4 key benefits of Replayer

  • Analyze any SNG or MTT hands you’ve played in popular poker rooms
  • Forward interesting Push/Fold hands to ICMIZER for in-depth analysis
  • User-friendly navigation over a hand, with nice, clean graphics
  • Track how each player’s equity changes on every street

The improved ICMIZER calculator

ICMIZER is a time-tested favorite of thousands of poker players worldwide. Utilizing poker ICM theory and a basic ChipEV model, it offers a wide range of tools for optimizing your preflop Push/Fold playing strategy.

ICMIZER 2 preserves the best of ICMIZER 1 and adds a number of major enhancements.

12 key benefits of ICMIZER 2 preflop calculator

  • NEW! IСMIZER’s user interface is now more intuitive, easy to use and attractive-looking. We’ve redesigned the main ICMIZER screen to make room for what matters most—the hand and the results.
  • NEW! ICMIZER 2 features a poker table—a familiar setting in which you can figure out what’s going on in the hand, and something you don’t see in other existing preflop calculators.
  • NEW! The list of blinds now includes only the blinds available in the selected tournament.
  • NEW! You can now choose the tournament type from a list of the most popular formats. For ease of access, the list is grouped by rooms and categories including SNG, MTT and MTTSNG. Poker table representation view added to ICMIZER 2
  • ICMIZER can perform the most accurate ICM calculations taking into account all the possible blocker cards. It can also use the FGS model to factor in blind dynamics. Accuracy of ICM calculations in ICMIZER 2
  • ICMIZER breaks down all stages of the evaluation so you can verify the accuracy of the results. Evaluation breakdown of results in ICMIZER 2
  • With ICMIZER 2 you can run ICM calculations even before the final table of MTT is reached, and set the number of players and stack sizes at other tables. ICM calculations before the final table in MTT in ICMIZER 2
  • NEW! Create new tournaments with ease. MTT players will especially appreciate this. Set up tournaments with 20, 50 or even more paid places in no time. New tournament creation in ICMIZER 2
  • NEW! SNG players no longer have to create tournaments manually as all popular SNG formats are already available in ICMIZER 2.
  • Use handy charts to identify the exact correlation between your decisions and an opponent’s range. Also, evaluate how profitable the full set of decisions is for the situation you’re analyzing. ICMIZER 2 push/fold charts
  • ICMIZER calculates Nash equilibrium ranges, performs ICM evaluations in MTT, and lets you edit hand ranges freely.
  • You can import poker hands from many poker rooms into ICMIZER, including PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, 888 Pacific, Microgaming, Bovada, Winning Poker Network, iPoker, PartyPoker, Merge, and Winamax. Import a single hand or an entire tournament with ease.

We guarantee you’ll love ICMIZER 2 and the results you’ll achieve, like thousands of worldwide players have already done. If not, just tell us within the first month of your first purchase, and we’ll give you a 100% refund.

Take the shortest path to high-stakes poker tournaments with ICMIZER 2

As you can see, ICMIZER 2 is a must-have tool if you want to master the preflop game and step up your overall poker tournament performance.

No other product on the market comes close to ICMIZER in combining a powerful preflop calculator and a smart personal coach for learning Push/Fold play.

SNG Coach is the fastest, most effective way to improve your preflop strategy in a realistic game setting. With every training you make the same kinds of decisions you do at a poker table, preparing yourself for real-world tournaments:

  1. You see immediately if your answer was right or wrong, getting into the habit of making optimal decisions in every possible preflop situation.
  2. You make not just 1 but 4 decisions, with useful feedback on each to understand the specific of each spot.
  3. Everyone makes mistakes, but the cost of a mistake in training is nothing compared to a real game.
  4. To paraphrase a well-known saying, "Take care of your skills, and your winnings will take care of themselves."

Choose ICMIZER 2 to achieve better poker results today, tomorrow and in the long run.

P. S. ICMIZER 2 is expected to release to market in a few short weeks. To gain early access to ICMIZER 2 and try it in action for yourself TODAY, consider taking part in our closed beta testing program.

Learn about our beta testing program for your opportunity to access ICMIZER 2, SNG Coach and Replayer today