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ICMIZER Testimonials Contest: Intermediate Results

by Q.

13 testimonials about ICMIZER

Why do tournament players choose ICMIZER—and stay with it?

The ICMIZER 1 Success Story Contest is in full swing and it’s time to sum up some intermediate results. Meet 13 of our tournament players sharing their success stories and talking about what they have achieved with ICMIZER.


  1. 3 of the bravest ICMIZER users share their stories on video
  2. 10 players write about ICMIZER and how it’s helped raise their game
  3. Video battle for early access to ICMIZER 2: Submit your video response!

3 of the bravest ICMIZER users share their stories on video

As the maker of ICMIZER, I’m grateful to every one of you who has taken time to share success stories with ICMIZER, especially if you recorded and submitted a video. I know it can take a lot of courage to speak up. Thank you for your creative effort and for sharing with the whole ICMIZER community!

Of course I get regular emails with your questions and ideas, as well as issues and concerns. But the last few weeks have been a real blast. It’s incredible to receive so much feedback in such a short time, most of it very positive and some just outright raving. The videos are especially heartfelt. Seeing that our work has struck a chord with you is really moving!

Steve, Daniel and Gvidas were the first to record and submit English-language videos with their feedback on ICMIZER. They not only spoke up about their personal experiences, but shared them in a video format for the whole community to see. I have the utmost respect for each video contributor. These guys are ICMIZER heroes!

So far we’ve received 6 videos, leaving room for 8 more, as the prize fund covers a total of 14 videos :) That means you can still take part in the ICMIZER video battle and challenge Steve, Daniel and Gvidas for the big prizes!

Watch our heroes’ ICMIZER video testimonials and submit your own.

Steve's video testimonial

Steve Teag. tells us how ICMIZER has amazingly changed his game.

Daniel's video testimonial

Daniel B. is sure ICMIZER helps you reach a new level by teaching you to make the best decisions.

Gvidas' video testimonial

Having discovered ICMIZER 6 months ago, Gvidas K. uses it daily and has drastically improved his game.

Each of these folks has put in an admirable effort and made a serious bid for one of 26 subscriptions for ICMIZER 2 and access to our beta testing program. Read on for more testimonials!

10 players write about ICMIZER and how it’s helped raise their game

So far we’ve received over 50 testimonials from tournament players across the world. While their experience levels vary, they all have two things in common: they talk about their achievements with ICMIZER 1, and they’re very much looking forward to what ICMIZER 2 has to offer. 10 of the most telling English-language testimonials can be found below for you to read.

Tiago Ferreira's da S. has multiplied his confidence “a million ways” and believes ICMIZER will help turn his poker skills to gold:

“Since the day I bought the 1 year subscription my overall game has improved so much that I gain my confidence of myself in a million ways. Really loved to beta test the new ICMIZER because I know I need more improve on my poker skills and this asset is going to be GOLD.
Fantastic software with a very pretty and appealing layout it's a joy to study from your software. Is a complete delight, you guys are the best with no doubt the best software available for us to help improve at this complex game of poker. Very happy with my one year subscription.”

Giancarlo Rivera C. thinks ICMIZER is a must-have tool for all SNG and MTT players:

“If you want to learn winning tournament poker at any level or any kind, you have to practice Chip EV and ICM situations in some kind of simulator. Of all available software for this purpose, ICMIZER is the best. It has many more options for setting the hand you want to review. One of the tools I like more is "load multiple hands or tourney", it automatically recognizes the hands of the tournament you played so you can review them. ICMIZER it´s a must have tool for all SNG and MTT players.”

Mauro J. is on a quest to use the full potential of ICMIZER to stay up to date in push/fold strategy:

“I’m a recreational player and understand that in order to stay up to date in this game you have to take advantage of every type of information and technology. As soon as I discovered what ICM is I knew there was no chance to beat this game without proper technology, I started to look for ICM calculators and find ICMIZER as a post game tool analysis.
Started doing it mostly for satellite hypers. I even build charts in spreadsheets based on frequent stack sizes and number of players. But also learnt that even when 2 stack scenarios look the same, ICMIZER tells you the strategy is different and push you to see for every single detail.I wish I were able to use the full potential of ICMIZER, but even using a fraction of it its recommended for anyone, even cash game players to complete their game.”

Fernando Sánchez I. has been using ICMIZER for a month and is proud to share his results in a chart::

"I started using ICMIZER since last month, playing 6 Max Hyper Turbo $1.50, the same month thank you to ICMIZER went up to $3.50 and this month i´m playing $7.00 :)"

Results of Fernando

Rômulo A. has realized, thanks to ICMIZER, how deep the game really is and thinks it’s a great tool even if you analyze only some of the hands you play:

“After I started using icmizer earlier this year, I realized how deep the game really is and how you have to study a lot to achieve greatness in it. ICMIZER showed me things I never even thought about before.
If you use ICMIZER as a hobby and just play with the tools you'll find a lot easier to face some spots when play poker that previously you'd have a hard time deciding what the best move. Your moves will become more accurate with ease. Even if you just use ICMIZER to consult some hands, it's still a great tool. It's important for both pro poker players and amateurs.”

ICMIZER has helped poker newcomer Niall O'Brien to rapidly reduce the gray area of making decisions:

“I started using ICMIZER about 5 weeks ago. I play two games at a time and then, whether I win or lose, I go over them using ICMIZER, to see what mistakes I may have made, and often to check on a specific hand I may have been unsure about.
This helps me in many ways. When I was on a bad run of results but I can see that I'm making the right moves it helps me to not tilt.
I'm new to poker. I have played less than 1500 games, but I am learning and consistently improving. ICMIZER has helped to reduce the grey area of decision making for me a lot and in a very short space of time.”

Panagiotis R. became much more aggressive in SNG push/fold strategy in just a few weeks:

“I started using ICMIZER a few weeks ago and I see I'm much more aggressive in sit and go’s push or fold strategy. It's very important to know if it's wrong or right to push or call, especially in hyper turbos where push or fold is something you have to deal with every time you play.
I definitely used to be more tight and not push hands I thought they wouldn't be +EV but now I look at the charts every time I'm thinking if that push or call is right and the ICMIZER tells me immediately.”

Jan P. recommends ICMIZER for all SNG/MTT players, especially “micro fishes,” as the best ICM analysis tool on the market:

“I am using it about half a year. ICMIZER is the best ICM analysis tool on the market! I like many features, f.e. full featured control over specifying ranges, ability of deselecting hands, ability with Overcall ranges and with 3 and 4 betting calculations..
After studying ICM harder and using ICMIZER I could say, that my ROI on PS started to increase! I would recommend ICMIZER to all SNG/MTT players! Especially micro fishes like I was, they also have to study ICM and analyze games...and investment of $8 a month is very, very good investment!”

Steve Tod. believes ICMIZER is the most user-friendly ICM calculator:

“ICMIZER is by far the most user-friendly and handy ICM calculator I have ever used. I've been grinding sngs since 2007 and I have used most of the icm tools that have been on the market, from sng powertools to sngwiz and some more obscure ones as well.
What I really like about icmizer is that it's very quick and easy to use and there's no wasting time getting the program set up or loading hands into it. I can just dive right in and find the solutions I'm looking for!”

Tom B. has drastically improved his ROI with ICMIZER:

I’ve been using icmizer for 3 months now and my ROI has drastically improved. I review one 180 man sng every day along with my marked hands.
It has been a great help in my development as a poker player. Nash push and call ranges are the fastest way to increase your winrate. Besides that its fast and user friendly.”

And what do you think about ICMIZER? If you are an active user of ICMIZER 1, you can still send in your story and get early access to ICMIZER 2. The best prizes in the ICMIZER Review Contest are still up for grabs!

Video battle for early access to ICMIZER 2: Submit your video response!

Create a 1-minute video telling us what you think of ICMIZER 1 and win 1 of 14 ICMIZER 2 subscriptions for 1 month, 3 months or a whole year.

As 8 prizes are available, real competition starts only with the 9th video. Take advantage of this and send in your video review in the next few days!

Are you a pro poker player who keeps improving? Record the charts showing your progress and build your video testimonial around that.

If you have limited experience with SNG, were you able to advance from low stakes to middle stakes thanks to ICMIZER? Talk about the journey in a video and share!

You are unique, and your success story is unique. I want to know how my product has helped YOU personally. That’s why everyone who sends in an ICMIZER video testimonial is guaranteed access to the closed beta testing of ICMIZER 2—plus the chance to win one of the subscriptions in the contest. (You need to also have a current subscription to ICMIZER 1.)

If your cool video grabs the #1 spot, you’ll win a yearly subscription for ICMIZER 2!

P.S. Send in your video file (or a download link) to us at [email protected] and make sure to include “Beta 1 ICMIZER 2” in the subject of your email. If you opt for a written testimonial, please enclose your photo.

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