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Official Release of ICMIZER 2 and Special Offers

by Q.

Official Release ICMIZER 2 and Special Offers

Today, September 10, 2015, we’re making available the much-anticipated ICMIZER 2 and starting the 10-day Release Promotion!

From September 10 through September 27, you can take advantage of the ICMIZER 2 Release Promotion and:

  • buy a yearly subscription to ICMIZER 2 PRO at 25% OFF
  • try ICMIZER 2 if you’re registered on our website or get registered before September 27
  • benefit from special upgrade offer to ICMIZER 2 if you have an active ICMIZER 1 subscription as of September 10
Try ICMIZER for free


  1. ICMIZER 2 officially released
  2. FREE ICMIZER 2 PRO trial for all registered website visitors
  3. Special ICMIZER 2 PRO upgrade offers for all active subscribers of ICMIZER 1

ICMIZER 2 officially released

Today is the day ICMIZER 2 hits the poker software market, and we’re excited beyond belief! ICMIZER 2 is designed to seriously power up your push/fold skills and boost your poker winnings.

Join the community of players from the world over who are raising their game with ICMIZER, and you’ll see your skills grow much faster than ever before.

That’s because today ICMIZER 2 is released alongside SNG Coach—your new personal Push/Fold coach.

Check out SNG Coach— your personal training tool that will customize a regimen specifically for your skill level and train you in a game setting, in real time.

ICMIZER 2 includes three tools in one, designed to help you work on your preflop game and achieve better results in poker tournaments, identify the right moves in hands you’ve already played, and efficiently train your Push/Fols skills, whether you’re a beginner or a poker pro:

  • We’ve enhanced our core offering, the preflop calculator for analyzing and figuring out any situation in SNG and MTT tournaments. Learn more about ICMIZER
  • Your new personal Push/Fold coach that’s available 24*7 to quickly and efficiently pump up your push/fold skills. Learn more about SNG Coach
    Watch a video overview to see what SNG Coach is capable of
  • A handy tool for replaying hands you’ve played before, with the ability to jump over to the ICMIZER preflop calculator and analyze them. Learn more about Replayer

By using these tools in combination—learning from SNG Coach and analyzing hands with the ICMIZER preflop calculator—you can greatly increase your training efficiency and move up the stakes in tournament poker much faster.

Access to ICMIZER 2 and its tools also comes with new subscription plans:

  • ICMIZER 2 PRO including ICMIZER, SNG Coach and Replayer, or
  • ICMIZER 2 Basic including only the ICMIZER preflop calculator.

FREE ICMIZER 2 PRO trial for all registered website visitors

If you’re registered on our website, you can get a trial version of ICMIZER 2 to test-drive all the brand new and improved tools included in ICMIZER 2 PRO while the Release Promotion lasts:

Preflop calculator
Personal preflop coach
Hands replayer

The trial version has some daily limitations:

  • 15 calculations in ICMIZER (will drop to 3 after trial ends)
  • 15 Nash equilibrium calculations in ICMIZER (will drop to 1 after trial ends)
  • 15 questions in SNG Coach (SNG Coach will be unavailable for test-drive after trial ends)

Take advantage of our special offers and get 25% OFF on your yearly subscription for ICMIZER 2!

Try ICMIZER for free

Special ICMIZER 2 PRO upgrade offers for all active subscribers of ICMIZER 1

All ICMIZER 1 customers with an active subscription as of September 10, 2015, can take advantage of our special deal to upgrade to ICMIZER 2 PRO until September 27, 2015.

During this time you can test-drive the fully-functional ICMIZER 2 PRO for free, including the improved ICMIZER, the brand new personal preflop SNG Coach, and Replayer for replaying hands.

When you launch ICMIZER 2 you will have three possible options to upgrade to ICMIZER 2 PRO:

Change from your active subscription to ICMIZER 2 PRO plan for FREE Change from your active subscription to ICMIZER 2 PRO plan for FREE
Buy a yearly subscription to ICMIZER 2 PRO at 25% OFF
Change from your active subscription to ICMIZER 2 PRO plan for FREE
Buy a yearly subscription ICMIZER 2 PRO
1 hour online coaching session with Q, the maker of ICMIZER
You pay now
$0 $119.99 $399.99

After the Release Promotion ends, any customers who don’t act on any of the upgrade options above will be moved to ICMIZER 2 Basic, losing free access to the brand new SNG Coach and Replayer included in ICMIZER 2.

Hurry and take advantage of one of these special upgrade deals!

This choice is performed directly from ICMIZER 2 (not on the website)

Thank you

In closing, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all our subscribers for the confidence you’ve put in ICMIZER and for your feedback aimed at improving the software, which has resulted in the birth of ICMIZER 2. I wish for every one of you to achieve all your goals, and keep conquering new poker heights.

Good luck!