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Poker ICM 101: What is ICM poker? ICM poker term explained
The ICM poker term stands for the Independent Chip Model. In poker ICM allows to convert tournament players stacks in chips into their money equity (as percentage of total or remaining prize pool).
How to upgrade to ICMIZER 2, if you are already subscribed ICMIZER 1?
We value every ICMIZER 1 subscriber and we’ve done our best not only to provide you with free upgrades to ICMIZER 2 but also gain access to our brand new tools and save at the same time.
The ICMIZER 2 Launch promotion is extended by 7 days
The promotional offer is extended through September 27 inclusive.
Official Release of ICMIZER 2 and Special Offers
From September 10 through September 27, you can take advantage of the ICMIZER 2 Release Promotion: buy a yearly subscription to ICMIZER 2 PRO at 25% OFF or try ICMIZER 2 for free if you’re registered on our website.
Open beta testing of ICMIZER 2 begins
Today, August 20, the long-awaited open beta testing of ICMIZER 2 begins! All current subscribers are invited to request access to ICMIZER 2 Beta
ICMIZER Testimonials Contest: Intermediate Results
Why do tournament players choose ICMIZER? Meet 13 poker players sharing their success stories and talking about what they have achieved with ICMIZER.
ICMIZER 2: The Software for Winning Big in Online Poker
ICMIZER 2 — 3 products packed into one: ICMIZER, the preflop ICM calculator, brand new SNG Coach to raise your preflop game, and Replayer to replay poker hands at any time.
Announcing ICMIZER 2 Beta Testing + Review Contest
Announcing ICMIZER 2 Beta Testing. Participate in ICMIZER Review Contest and win one of 26 ICMIZER 2 subscriptions.
Get Silverlight to work in Chrome in under a minute
Learn how to get Silverlight to work in Chrome. Resolving NPAPI and permissions problems.
ICMIZER 2: Important Announcements
ICMIZER 2 news and sign up for a free video series course 'The Art of Push/Fold'