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Mobile SNG Coach for iOS is here to help you anywhere!

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  1. Mobile SNG Coach is here to help you anywhere!
  2. Yearly ICMIZER PRO Subscription + Yearly mobile SNG Coach Addon for only $199.99
  3. Overview of features and capabilities of the Mobile SNG Coach
Mobile version

Mobile SNG Coach is here to help you anywhere!

We are pleased to announce that Mobile SNG Coach for iOS is globally available after an extensive beta testing period! iPhone users can finally take advantage of the mobile version of SNG Coach.

ICMIZER SNG Coach is a one-of-a-kind app that lets you apply the most advanced modern ICM models in your day-to-day poker training anywhere: from your daily commute, to live poker tournaments and beyond.

There simply isn’t anything like SNG Coach on the App Store. You get the full power of the desktop ICMIZER—the same ways to customize your coaching session parameters, the same custom question difficulty tailored for you, and the same ways to analyze your answer and the correct strategy for each of 169 starting hands.

While it looks and feels similar to the desktop version of SNG Coach, this is a brand new app written specifically for the iOS platform. Creating quality mobile software takes a lot of effort and investment. While current PRO subscribers get 5 mobile questions per day free, the mobile SNG Coach is available as an addon to the PRO subscription for $7.99/month and grants you 120 daily mobile questions instead of just 5.

If you have a PRO subscription, you can purchase and activate the SNG Coach Addon from the subscription page, or directly from the mobile SNG Coach.

Yearly ICMIZER PRO Subscription + Yearly mobile SNG Coach Addon for only $199.99

This promo offer was initially available in January after we've launched SNG Coach for Android.

We're extending the promotion so iOS users can also take advantage of it.

The offer is extended until 1st May, 2018.

The competition in poker is always heating up. In 2017 alone, poker players just like you have answered over a whooping 1,500,000 questions in SNG Coach.

As you can imagine, their skills are not the same anymore. They are applying their knowledge in the game by making aggressive calls, light pushes and other counter-intuitive plays which can seem puzzling to the unsuspecting observer. Yet they are mathematically correct and they bring more winnings than an intuitive strategy would.

Until May 1, 2018, purchase a bundle of yearly ICMIZER PRO subscription + yearly addon of Mobile SNG Coach (both for Android & iOS) for just $199.99, instead of the full price of $255.87 (you save 22%)!

This offer can be found on the purchase page. If you currently have a subscription but want to take advantage of this offer, please read this FAQ.

Overview of features and capabilities of the Mobile SNG Coach

Your personal Push/Fold coach

SNG Coach is the much-anticipated program using a realistic game setting and ICM quizzes to help you master Push/Fold play. Covering all of the different aspects of Push/Fold, SNG Coach provides truly personalized training and answers the key questions you would ask a real coach: “What areas should I work on?” and “How should I work on those areas?”.


Answer quizzes and get instant feedback from the Coach to help develop your perfect preflop game.


SNG Coach trains your skills in different Push/Fold contexts, based on:

  • How many players are left at the table

  • The relative stack size: small, average or big

  • The situation: open push or calling an all-in


The training is tailored to the type of tournament you select. Tournaments are grouped by rooms for ease of access.

The tournament types you use the most are saved as Favorites to save you even more time.


View a detailed assessment of your skills to decide what areas to focus on next.