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ICMIZER adds Winamax hand history format support

by Q.

Winamax poker room used to be just for players from France. Recently they decided to expand and now accept players from other european countries. Adding Winamax support was on my TODO list for a while. I am glad to announce that it is finally done.

ICMIZER can now load single or multiple Winamax hands. Actually in this update I added support not for just one but for two formats: Winamax hands coming from PT4 for some reason are formatted a little different from standard Winamax format, so both standard and PT4 Winamax hands can now be loaded.

Below is a hand history in standard Winamax format:

Winamax Poker - Tournament "Deepstack Hold'em" buyIn: €9 + €1 level: 19 - HandId: #243654568443904005-184-1380125114 - Holdem no limit (1250/5000/10000) - 2013/09/25 16:05:14 UTC
Table: 'Deepstack Hold'em(56730250)#004' 9-max (real money) Seat #8 is the button
Seat 1: littlebirdy (212676)
Seat 3: nostress35 (127280)
Seat 4: matsou19 (266086)
Seat 5: Megaloman (154658)
Seat 6: CrazyAllin(163216)
Seat 7: SemS31 (314396)
Seat 9: CAUSETTE29 (122887)
CAUSETTE29 posts ante 1250
littlebirdy posts ante 1250
nostress35 posts ante 1250
matsou19 posts ante 1250
Megaloman posts ante 1250
CrazyAllinposts ante 1250
SemS31 posts ante 1250
CAUSETTE29 posts small blind 5000
littlebirdy posts big blind 10000
Dealt to CrazyAllin[5d 3s]
*** PRE-FLOP ***
nostress35 folds
matsou19 folds
Megaloman folds
SemS31 raises 10000 to 20000
CAUSETTE29 folds
littlebirdy folds
SemS31 collected 43750 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 43750 | No rake
Seat 7: SemS31 won 43750

And this is a hand history in standard Winamax format:

Winamax Poker - Tournament "Deepstack Hold'em" buyIn: €4.50 + €0.50 level: 10 - HandId: #266760539013644312-84-1384469542 - Holdem no limit (150/600/1200) - 2013/11/14 22:52:22 UTC
Table: 'Deepstack Hold'em(62110028)#023' 9-max (real money) Seat #2 is the button
Seat 1: Elki77 (48707)
Seat 2: ZAAAAS (75224)
Seat 3: Alligators (9434)
Seat 4: PokerBud (25560)
Seat 5: nicoviste (77476)
Seat 6: dragonelli27 (35083)
Seat 7: CrazyAllin (55269)
Seat 8: aajem (31254)
Seat 9: petanque29 (40200)
Alligators posts ante 150
PokerBud posts ante 150
Elki77 posts ante 150
ZAAAAS posts ante 150
nicoviste posts ante 150
dragonelli27 posts ante 150
CrazyAllin posts ante 150
aajem posts ante 150
petanque29 posts ante 150
Alligators posts small blind 600
PokerBud posts big blind 1200
Dealt to CrazyAllin
[6H] [10H]
nicoviste folds
dragonelli27 raises 4350 to 5550
CrazyAllin folds
aajem calls 5550
petanque29 folds
Elki77 folds
ZAAAAS folds
Alligators folds
PokerBud folds
[9H] [7C] [2C]
dragonelli27 bets 14250
aajem raises 11304 to 25554 and is all-in
dragonelli27 calls 11304
[9H] [7C] [2C] [8S]
[9H] [7C] [2C] [8S] [6C]
[b]SHOW DOWN[/b]
aajem shows
[QH] [AD] (High card : Ace)
dragonelli27 shows
[9C] [AS] (One pair : 9)
dragonelli27 collected 65358 from pot
Total pot 65358 | No rake
[9H] [7C] [2C] [8S] [6C]
Seat 6: dragonelli27 showed
[9C] [AS] and won 65358 with One pair : 9
Seat 8: aajem showed
[QH] [AD] and lost with High card : Ace

Please contact support if you will experience troubles with loading some Winamax hands. Generally that happens, because sometimes there are slight nuances in formats in certain situations and I build format support based on hand packs, which are provided by players to me. Because of this sometimes some rare exceptional hands aren’t supported.

With addition of Winamax ICMIZER now supports most popular networks. I am still unsure about PKR and Revolution. Please let me know in comments what you guys think about missing formats. I would add support suggested format if there is demand. So don't hesitate to drop a line or +1 someones suggested format in comments.