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Website design update: ICMIZER celebrates its 2nd birthday

by Q.

ICMIZER celebrates its 2nd birthday

Precisely two years ago ICMIZER was first presented to public audience. Initial version was really short on functions. Our poker calculator went a long way since then, and today ICMIZER celebrates its 2 year birthday.

Most of you haven’t seen how it looked originally. I guess you would be curious to look at an early design for ICM calculator from January 2011:

initial raw calculator design

Looks very cute I think. However current ICMIZER capabilities are crazy compared to that small and shy software from the screenshot.

Design update

I have prepared a big website update and actually managed to release it on this memorable date for me. The goal for new design was to make website more easy to use and to provide better navigation to most interesting content. It also makes ICMIZER website more social. In next sections I’ll cover what is new.

Articles and Changelog are merged into Blog

Before it was hard to say what belonged to articles and what was a changelog entry. To make it easy and to give users a clear way to get new articles, news, changelogs and other types of records all of them can now be found in Blog.

Latest Blog entries can be discovered from default page, and you can see a number of likes next to each other. This will lower the chance that you miss some cool article.

New Video Section

Video section contains videos, which I have recorded about ICMIZER. Right now it has some beginner and a couple of advanced videos. You are welcome to check it out: ICMIZER Videos.

Improved typography

The fonts used around website have been changed. The goal was to make articles more readable and I think everything looks much better now.


You can now comment videos or blog entries using your ICMIZER account login credentials. This means that you don’t need to do any additional log in operations before posting a comment.

Try new comments now — maybe you have something to say to me on such a nice day!

Q, ICMIZER developer