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The New ICMIZER 3.1 Calculation Engine Update

by Q.

We've updated the ICMIZER calculation engine. These changes affect many things, namely the accuracy of calculations, the weighting of hands, exploitability of solutions, etc.

There are fewer hands with weights other than 0% or 100%, so the results are purer. In an ideal solution, there are no such hands at all in ranges, but for most situations it's unreachable. So, the more 0% and 100% hands in range, the better, and now ICMIZER comes closer to ideal solutions.

Exploitability, a general measure of calculated Nash equilibrium quality that we use, is lower now in most cases. The perfect value for this is 0%, but it's generally unattainable for most situations, but the closer to 0% it is, the better. ICMIZER 3 CFR+ Nash solutions were already very good and close to 0%, but they are even better now.

Let's check the difference in the BEFORE and AFTER comparison.

Classic 6-max Sit'n'Go, 65/35 payouts
20/40-4 blinds, 5 players

UTG: 500
Hero (CO): 500
BTN: 500
SB: 500
BB: 500

Preflop: Hero is CO
UTG raises 80

Before the 3.1 changes in the ICMIZER calculation engine, we got the following result:


There are many weak hands with weights other than 0% or 100%, and the more 0% and 100% hands in range, the better.

Now, we get the result that purer than before:



So, Nash equilibrium ranges are a bit different because of these changes, and more precise.

We never stop working on ICMIZER, and every day we try to make it even better so that our users can be sure that they are using one the most relevant and best products of the poker market. Thank you for being with us!