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New ICM model in ICM calculator

by Q.

ICM (independant chip model) goal is to correctly convert poker tournament chips into dollars. Our ICM calculator now supports a new ICM model.

The task of converting tournament chips into dollars is clearly not an easy one. Especially when we try to use an ICM algorithm which should give us results in a very short time. The standard ICM model (Malmuth-Harville named after its inventors) is quite old. Many players take it for granted, but in reality its just one way of doing it.

Last year a new model has been introduced by Ben Roberts. It uses different approach to calculate finish place probability than classic MH ICM model. It is a very curios model, and now ICMIZER supports calculations using it along with original ICM model.

If you want to perform calculations using this new model, you will need to select "Ben Roberts" from Model dropdown in main ICMIZER widnow instead of Default.

Calculations performed using new model produce quite different results in many cases. In particulary this model suggests that short stack on the bubble shouldn't be so tight as usual ICM model suggests. Intuitively it sounds quite reasonable, because sometimes usual ICM model suggests ridiculously tight behaviour in rather hopeless situations.

More information will be available about this model, and reasons why it could be better and more precise than original ICM model soon.