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New GGPoker Tournaments Spin & Gold 6-max in ICMIZER and SNG Coach

by Q.

GGPoker has added a new type of Spin & Gold tournament, an analog of the popular Spin & Go tournament format. Now, these quick tournaments are available in a new format for six people – Spin & Gold 6-max.

At the moment, there are three buy-in options available:

  • $1 with $200,000 prizepool, and 4 to 200К multipliers
  • $10 with $2,000,000 prizepool, and 4 to 200К multipliers
  • $100 with $4,000,000 prizepool, and 4 to 40К multipliers.


Tournaments structure and time bank are applied differently depending on the multiplier:


We've added the following GGPoker Spin & Gold 6-max tournaments to ICMIZER and SNG Coach:

  • Spin & Gold x4 6-max Hyper
  • Spin & Gold x6 6-max Hyper
  • Spin & Gold x10 6-max Hyper

You can review Spin & Gold 6-max tournaments hands in ICMIZER:


and practice Spin & Gold 6-max tournaments poker strategy in SNG Coach:



Unlike 3-max, where there is only one prize, Spin & Gold tournaments for 6 people have at least two different payouts. These tournaments have a fast paced nature and a lot of push/fold preflop action. That's why ICMIZER, with its accurate ICM and FGS models, is the right tool to craft a winning poker strategy for winning in the new Spin & Gold tournament format at GGPoker.