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Nash ICM calculator release

by Q.

Nash ICM calculator functionality was main theme of latest update.

Some simple Nash equilibrium ICM calculations were available in ICMIZER for a while (since the middle of June). But up until now Nash calculator algorithm implementation was in beta phase. It means that produced Nash ranges quality wasn’t as good as it is now.

New version produces better results, works faster and is smarter.

Interesting thing about this new release is that update is mostly internal and backend related. On the surface Nash calculations are just a single button [Assign Nash ranges]. But a huge amount of difficult work is done on server to produce actual results.

List of updates

Nash ICM calculations related

  • New powerful Nash equilibrium ICM calculations algorithm
  • When you paste Single hand, Nash ranges are automatically assigned to all players. To achieve this, highly optimized fast Nash ICM algorithm uses currently selected payout structure. This fast Nash algorithm produces high quality results, runs very quickly, but is generally slightly worse than full unrestricted Nash algorithm, which is much slower.

User interface related

  • Users who used scaling in windows (125% or 150%) experienced problems with range editor and mouse. Those problems are fixed now.
  • Added help for [Download] button which gives information about reinstalling ICMIZER. This process wasn't very transparent before, so we hope it became more clear. Basically what you need to do is:

    1. Remove ICMIZER by choosing corresponding menu item in context menu which pops up when you click right mouse button on ICMIZER
    2. After its uninstalled you can install it again. To get latest (web) version of ICMIZER press [Download] button as usual


  • Seriously improved ICM calculations performance in general.
  • Added PokerStars 27 man 3 table SNG payout. Select [PS 27 man] in payout dropdown to use it.
  • Fixed a list of small bugs and issues.

ICMIZER status on PokerStars

PokerStars have included ICMIZER in list of prohibited only while PokerStars is running. This is their general policy regarding ICM calculators. ICMIZER is created for post game analysis. It is not a give real-time ICM calculator. Please pay attention to this and follow your poker room rules regarding permitted software.

1 year anniversary

We continue to work on ICMIZER and hope you enjoy using it. Nash ICM calculations in general is a vast topic in poker. There will be a big article covering it in detail soon.

On 15th September ICMIZER celebrated 1 year anniversary since first public beta release. Over the course of this first year players from all over the world enjoyed using our program and improve their game quality. We are really proud of support and literally love, which ICMIZER is receiving, and don’t plan to disappoint you in future.

Thanks everyone, and stay tuned for more updates.