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ICMIZER partners with HUSNG

by Q.

Top HU SNG players in the world are choosing ICMIZER for their poker game analysis. ICMIZER has partnered with the best HU SNG training site, HUSNG.COM. HUSNG professional Mattraq1 presents his video review of ICMIZER features.

ICMIZER is free for use 3 times per day for registered users without any limitations.

My name is Mattraq1. Ive been a professional poker player for the last 7 years specializing in HUSNGs the entire time. Back then there were very few tools to help your game, but as time went on different software came out to help you improve.

For the longest time I used PokerStove to do most of my range based calculations using the tools in the software combined with some formulas I came up with on my own to satisfy my needs. It was an effective, yet lengthy process.

Fast forward to about a month ago, I got my hands on ICMizer for the first time. My initial reaction was “wow!” I felt like I had been living in the stone age all these years. ICMizer takes everything I had used in PokerStove and pretty much gives it an injection of adrenaline. Calculations that would take me 10 minutes previously, can now be done instantly. I compare it to somebody hand writing math problems and then discovering the calculator.

ICMizer took a lot of the tasks that I did long handed, and simplified them all into a very quick and easy to use graphical user interface. As a HUSNG player when stack sizes become shallow, things such as being able to quickly calculate proper reshove ranges vs a villian’s open as well as perfecting your own calling ranges vs a villain's reshove are essential to being a successful player. ICMizer allows instantaneous calculation of these formulas (and more) to help progress your game.

I have included a short 10 minute video of myself going over all of ICMizer’s features that I have found useful as a HUSNG player in my short time having access to the software.

Author: Mattraq1