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ICMIZER is officially released

by Q.

Free public beta started pretty long ago, 15 September 2011. Over the course of last 8 months a lot of work has been done. ICMIZER now can analyze almost all kinds of tournament poker situations

  • calculates hero equity after he/she folds, and players on late positions act according to their ranges
  • calculates equity for overcall spots, including potential overcalls after hero calls an all-in, or situations where there already are two players all-in before hero
  • calculates equity for resteal spots, where hero is facing a steal from early position, or where hero raises and is facing a shove from late position

ICMIZER currently has the most precise ICM calculations out of all existing ICM software. At the same time users aren’t limited in any way with their ability to edit hand ranges, unlike other software.

You can enter any range you want. There are no limitations like slider-only range editing, which only allows choosing from limited number of ranges. You can manually enter any range with keyboard or pick a range from hands with mouse.

Another major thing, which changed since first beta release - you can now download ICMIZER and run it as standalone version. Some browsers (Mozilla for example) have troubles with Silverlight plugin sometimes and users could experience some problems while running ICMIZER in browser. Out of browser version is compact and easy to use and doesn’t have mentioned problems.

Of-course there are plenty of features ICMIZER could have, but end of public beta doesn’t mean that we stop working on implementing new stuff and improving our software. We will continue to add new features and release updates.

Pricing model explained

ICMIZER is subscription based, and here's why.

1. No one wants to lay out a chunk of cash upfront, before they know the software isn't worth it. Try it and make sure it's right for you, without paying through the nose.

2. You only pay for ICMIZER as long as you are actually using it. For a very reasonable monthly fee, the potential benefits and edge that you get with ICMIZER are worth it for any kinds of tournament stakes.

3. The subscription model keeps us, the makers of this tool, on our toes. We must keep our product up to date and release new versions and updates to retain our business. Contrast this with a 'big payment upfront' model, where you might hardly see any updates in a long while: once the sale is done, developers aren't that interested in you as a customer anymore. Nothing like that here.

You can purchase ICMIZER here.

What’s new in this version?

Range editor control which already was very good becomes even better now. You can now save ranges which you use often for future use. They are displayed in the right part of Range Editor control. Just click on a saved range and it will immediately set current range to saved range value. Using this new feature should be pretty easy, have a look at the screenshot.

icmizer range control can now save ranges

Here (1) represents palette of saved ranges. On the screenshots there are 5 saved ranges available to choose from, but you have basically as many as you want. Ranges that you save are added to this palette.

In order to save a range you need to enter range that is not present on palette, and then hit (2) Save Range button.

You use (3) Delete button to remove saved ranges. Just select a range on palette and hit delete button, and it’s gone.

Details popup has also been reworked. You can now check a breakdown of any calculation, and it will be presented in much more user friendly manner. Here is sample screenshot of updated details window.

icmizer details popup updated

What remains free?

Guest users (users who don’t have registered free ICMIZER account) will be able to perform a single calculation per day. Registered users will be able to perform 3 free calculations, if you want more you will have to purchase ICMIZER.

A lot of people enjoy using ICMIZER links to share results with others. Opening links remains free, so you can share your results with everyone, even if they don’t have ICMIZER subscription.

Basic ICM calculator for raw ICM calculations remains free of-course.

What is next?

Our initial plan has been to create best ICM software. And it still is. We got plenty of interesting ideas, which we believe you will love, so stay tuned!