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Bonus Free 1 Week ICMIZER Subscription key Promotion

by Q.

After you purchase and activate any ICMIZER subscription key, you will get a free bonus one week subscription key. You can give it to a friend so they can enjoy the power of ICMIZER as well.

This bonus key will be sent to you by email only after you activate the purchased key, not immediately after you complete the purchase.

The difference between the free bonus key and standard purchased ICMIZER keys

The bonus key is different from standard purchased ICMIZER keys. Normal ICMIZER keys can be used to extend an active subscription. The bonus key however cannot be activated by someone who already has an active subscription. Also, unlike standard purchased keys, this key has an expiration date which is equal to the parent subscription expiration date. The bonus key becomes useless after expiration date has been reached.

You won't be able to use this one week key to extend your own subscription. The subscription provided by this bonus key will last 7 days only and is only valid within the duration of the parent subscription used to trigger the creation of the bonus key.


The precise details are a little complicated, so here is an example scenario.

In order to get the full 7 days from the bonus key, it has to be activated at least 7 days before the expiration of the parent subscription. For example, if the bonus key is activated at January 10th and the parent subscription expires on January 20th, the bonus key will be valid for the entire 1 week duration.

However, if your friend activates the key on January 15th, the duration of the bonus subscription will be less than 7 days, since the parent subscription expires on January 20th. After the parent subscription expires, the bonus key will become inactive.

This detail is probably more important for shorter keys, such as one month subscriptions. If you purchase a 6 month or 1 year subscription, your friend is less likely to experience a trial period of less than 7 days due to the expiration date for the parent subscription being so far in the future.

Information for existing subscribers

Note that ICMIZER offers free 3 calculations per day for registered users. While that alone is a great deal, with this bonus key your friend would get full access to ICMIZER features for an entire week, which would help them to get a better understanding of the power of our ICM poker calculator.

The bonus key promotion was just recently launched. Some players who have an active subscription might not have received a bonus key, because this promotion wasn't running at the time of their purchase. If you are among them and would like to get this free ICMIZER bonus key to give to a friend, please contact us by support email.

If you made a purchase within the last couple of months, the bonus key should be somewhere in your mailbox. Please check your mailbox for the bonus key before contacting support.

Good luck and happy icmizing!