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ICMIZER 3.17.0 – New Tutorials, New Tooltips, and Interface Changes and Improvements

by Q.

In the ICMIZER 3.17.0 update, we've added three new tutorials, added many new tooltips, made some interface changes and improvements, and fixed some minor bugs.

New tutorials



The "Editing Ranges" tutorial



ICMIZER makes an analysis based on Nash equilibrium, but players do not play like that in real hands. For example, they can not push their AA; their ranges could be too tight or loose, etc. So, sometimes you need to correct opponents' ranges depending on their stats, your info about a particular situation, and your edge. If you have reasons to think that players push or call with different ranges, you can change their ranges and get the best response range for Hero.

The hand review process should contain three main steps:

  • Setting up the situation (the tournament structure, stacks, blinds, number of players, their preflop actions, etc., everything except ranges).
  • Assigning ranges to all opponents, using ICMIZE & manual adjustments afterward.
  • Getting the optimal situational push/fold chart for the Hero using the "Calculate Hero" button.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the powerful range editor tool for getting the best response range against the opponent that is playing tighter than GTO suggests.

The "Creating Custom Tournaments" tutorial



ICMIZER already has a preloaded list of the most popular existing tournament structures from different poker rooms. If you can't find the tournament in the list, you can easily create one yourself. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a custom tournament structure for your tournament to get the most accurate results. Remember that a different payout structure usually leads to a very different optimal strategy, so choosing the correct tournament is mandatory for the efficient use of ICMIZER.

The "Using MTT Modes" tutorial



When you load a hands history from an MTT you've played, you should do so using MTT mode. If you don't, ICMIZER will assume that either your hand is being played at the final table of an MTT or in a single-table SNG.

Currently, ICMIZER can review MTT situations with up to 500 players at regular tournaments and up to 2,500 players at PKO tournaments.

This lesson will teach you how to use the MTT mode to get the most accurate bubble stage results.

These tutorials will help you understand the ICMIZER interface and ensure that you use it correctly and get the best results.

New tooltips and interface changes

We've added a lot of new tooltips to improve your experience while working with ICMIZER and made some interface changes and improvements.

Now, you can see the number of remaining players in the MTT at the upper right of the poker table:


Also, there are a lot of new tooltips and interface changes: