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Holdem Manager twoplustwo format is now supported

by Q.

Holdem Manager converted 2+2 format is now supported in ICMIZER. This format is often used on forums, so you can now just copy a hand from forum thread and load it directly in ICMIZER.

It is very easy to import a hand from Holdem Manager to ICMIZER now. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your hand in HM replayer
  2. Once HUD appears press [Hand history] button (1 on screenshot). It can quite difficult to realize that this is a button, but it is.
  3. After you press the button hand popup appears. There hit [2+2] button, to copy converted hand in clipboard (2 on screenshot).
  4. Go to ICMIZER and load hand as usual by clicking [Paste history from clipboard] button

getting hand in twoplustwo format from Holdem Manager replayer

Please notice that this format is done in such a way that often important information about the hand is missing. For example if you are playing MTT or SNG with ante, often HM 2+2 format doesn’t contain any information about antes. Of-course when you import a hand that doesn’t state ante size ICMIZER cannot guess them.

In case antes are missing just create a new blind structure or selected existing one, which has antes set correctly.

Also in some cases some positions are simply not present in converted hands, so those cannot be parsed correctly too.

Please have a look at how exactly 2+2 converted hand looks like before reporting a bug with this format converter.