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Custom hand rankings and other changes of May

by Q.

In may we have added support for custom hand rankings, fixed a lot of parsing problems and made results display more obvious visually.

Custom hand rankings

You can now use custom poker hand rankings to control range input. Custom hand rankings determine behavior of sliders and range text box when you enter range as percent of hands, like “45%” without quotes. Hand rankings are basically just an ordered list of hands, which usually starts with pocket Aces which represents ultimate strength in holdem. Before custom rankings were added ICMIZER used Sklansky-Chubukov hand rankings, and those remain as default rankings. However you can choose from other options and you can also create your own, user defined hand rankings.

Currently used hand rankings determine:

  • Behavior of sliders. When you drag sliders (including right slider, and excluding left slider) hands are added or removed from range according to their order in currently selected rankings.
  • Behavior of range textbox when you enter range as %, like "10%". In this case hands are taken from current rankings starting from aces and going all the way down to worst hand defined by rankings, until this range hold probability doesn’t reach specified percent value.
  • How ranges are displayed and colored in range cells

You can choose rankings in range editor window. You can also set up default rankings in options page. To create your own rankings go to options page and hit plus button (1). As usual use button (2) to delete rankings which you no longer need.

poker hand custom rankings creation and deletion in icmizer

Following window will appear:

create hand custom rankings icmizer window

Choose a name for your rankings and enter all 169 hands in the corresponding textbox. Once its complete OK button will become enabled and you can create your rankings. After rankings are created you can choose them as default rankings, or from range editor window.

Hand parsing, results display and other changes

  • Parsing a hand will no longer reset payout to 9max if it cannot be clearly determined by hand text
  • Results display now displays colored background for hands, which EV is not satisfying current min EV diff value more transparent. This makes resulting hands from hero hand range standout more on results pane.
  • Added new payouts: 45 man PokerStars, 90 man PokerStars and 6 max PartyPoker
  • A lot of fixes in parsing of various formats including PokerStars, PartyPoker, Ongame and Merge. A lot of hands which produced various edgy bugs before are now correctly parsed.
  • Added a special option for people who can hardly differentiate green and red colors (Contrast colors on options page) which changes green color in results display to violet. You can also choose this option if you happen to like violet color.

Stay tuned for more updates. You are welcome to leave any comments about those recent changes here.