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2014: ICMIZER tutorial

by Q.

A new ICMIZER tutorial video

The old tutorial video is outdated and isn't structured very well. This new video covers the basics: how to plug in the hand in ICMIZER, what is the difference between ICM and Chip EV based calculations, and explains what all those ranges and range columns relate to.

I am satisfied with its structure and it is much better than previous tutorial.

It is a must watch for someone who is beginning to use ICMIZER. Video only is ~20 minutes and it will give you an instant leap from not understanding the program at all to being able to plug in the hand and getting desired +EV push range from ICMIZER.

Since this video is just 20 minutes long it doesn't cover everything. If you want to learn more about MTT ICM calculations, Push fold Charts or Nash equilibrium ranges you are welcome to review individual videos covering these topics.

Hope you will enjoy the video. Audio quality is also much better than in the old tutorial.

Any comments or questions are very welcome!