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Things to Look Forward to in ICMIZER 3

Automated Hand Analysis

The most anticipated feature of ICMIZER 3—automated hand analysis—will quickly analyze your hands and point out the costliest mistakes. You’ll spend less time training while improving your game faster than ever before.

New Range Editor

You will be able to assign specific weights to each hand in a range. This will make it possible to calculate Nash equilibriums for mixed strategies—in addition to pure strategies that are available now—which further enhances calculation accuracy.

Better MTT Analysis Powered by ICM

Thanks to an improved way to manage stacks at other tables in an MTT, you will be able to quickly recreate a bubble or pre-bubble situation. The new engine will be able to handle ICM calculations for up to 100 or more players remaining in the tournament, letting you devise more profitable strategies than those based on Chip EV.

Lightning-fast Performance

Ease of use, sleek interface and fast performance are three things ICMIZER is known for. For ICMIZER 3, we’ve re-coded the entire calculation engine to give you performance boosts of up to 6x! Less wait, more analysis!

Fine-tuning SNG Coach

While setting up the training mode, you will be able to fine-tune every aspect of your session, including the blind sizes.


Poker pros know exactly how much their time is worth. That’s why we’re developing ICMIZER 3 NITRO—a premium offering for those who expect nothing but the very best. The unrelenting ICMIZER 3 NITRO will bring you ultimate calculation speeds in a high-performance cloud, among many other benefits.
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