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ICMIZER testimonials

I started using ICMIZER in the middle of 2013, after seeing my first MTT coach using it. It was the first time I was introduced to nash equilibrium and ICM. I was a cash game player since 2010's and had no contact with these extremely important concepts.
Icmizer is, hands down, the most important tool for SNG and MTT ever created. It calculates very difficult decisions with preciseness and speed, and it is a very much user-friendly program. It doesn't take long for you to be able to exploit all of it's resources.
I had no contact with ICM and Nash Equilibrium by the middle of 2013, and by the end of 2014, I had a 4th place in Sunday Million, a 3rd place in Sunday Warm Up, a WCOOP chop 3 way for $92,5k and great results in many other big tournaments in PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. I went from a MTT beginner to a huge winning player in one year.
ICMIZER was the most critical factor to make me leapfrog the competition, undoubtedly. And I still use it daily to analyze all my difficult hands, as there are so many situations possible in terms of ICM, and ICMIZER covers them all with expertise. It is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to be a winning player. There is life before and after ICMIZER, trust me ; )
My regards, Q, and a great compliment for your efforts, you are changing poker level for better with this brilliant job, and I'm extremely excited about ICMIZER 2.
Felipe B.
I especially used the sng coach a lot now, as it is the port of icmizer 2 im most interested in. It really can improve my game a lot! Because the immediate feedback is so much faster than if you mark your hands and review them later with Icmizer or HRC. I think you really have a USP here. The quiz of SNG Wizard is shit, because the ranges are crap and also there are not any algorithms to make the quizzes challenges. You are just so far away its incredible.
Julian W.
I play on pokerstars as djalexlee the last 5 years in 6 max and full ring games up to 50NL with big success. I have achieved supernova status 3 consecutive years and i have played over 5 million cash hands multitabling from 15 to 24 tables.
Since late 2013 i started to study 6 max and 9 max hypers because i wanted to split my volume in a funny side game and i was really bored playing cash every day for years. In the beginning my results were horrible and it became clear that i needed serious professional help.
The game was more deep and complicated than i expected. I was introduced to icmizer after trying out worse competitive icm analyzing programs with no good results. The improvement of my push fold game in the first month was rapid because i realised more in depth the effective stacks and ranges.
In the second month studying icmizer only for 20-30 mins daily i had success in many Battle of planets leaderboards and started placing in various sharkscope leaderboards. looking forward to study more and climb the stakes.
I have coached more than 30 players with big success in cash games and used every piece of software you can imagine out there. I can't recommend more icmizer.
Alexandros P.
I don’t have an extense history to tell, just a confession that since the day I bought the 1 year ICMIZER subscription my overall game has improved so much that I gain my confidence of myself in a million ways.
Really loved to beta test the new Icmizer because I know I need more improve of my poker skills and this asset is going to be GOLD.
Very happy with my one year subscription. I must say thank you guys for giving me the chance to test this wonderful software. Is a complete delight , you guys are the best with no doubt the best software available for us to help improve at this complex game of poker.
You guys make winning much more fun thank you.
ICMIZER 2 - fantastic software with a very pretty and appealing layout it's a joy to study from your software. Please keep the amazing work , cos I keep supporting you guys :D
Peace from Portugal/Lisbon
Tiago Ferreira da S.
I’m a recreational player and understand that in order to stay up to date in this game you have to take advantage of every type of information and technology.
Since I dont have the time to play as a professional I decided to choose the easiest game available to learn, and that was the hyper sng format.
But as soon as I discovered what ICM is I knew there was no chance to beat this games without proper technology, so I started to look for ICM calculators and find this one.
So, I started a full year subscription about 2 months ago and I'm enjoying this tool as a post game tool analysis.
Started doing it mostly for satellite hypers. I even build charts in spreadsheets based on frequent stack sizes and number of players. But also learnt that even when 2 stack scenarios look the same, ICMIZER tells you the strategy is different and push you to see for every single detail.
I wish I were able to use the full potential of ICMIZER, but even using a fraction of it it's recommended for anyone, even cash game players to complete their game.
Mauro J.
I started using ICMIZER about 5 weeks ago. I play two games at a time and then, whether I win or lose, I go over them using ICMIZER, to see what mistakes I may have made, and often to check on a specific hand I may have been unsure about.
This helps me in many ways. When I'm on a bad run of results but I can see that I'm making the right moves it helps me to not tilt.
I'm new to poker. I have played less than 1500 games, but I am learning and consistently improving. ICMIZER has helped to reduce the grey area of decision making for me a lot and in a very short space of time.
I recommend ICMIZER to anyone who will listen to me talk about poker.
Niall O'B.
1. I tried ICMIZER in the middle of 2014 and decided to have fully 1 year subscription in December 2014. So I am using it about half a year.
2. What I like about ICMIZER? Hard to say exactly, it is the best ICM analysis tool on the market! I like many features, f.e. full featured control over specifing ranges, ability of deselecting hands, ability with Overcall ranges and with 3 and 4betting calculations....
3. Well I am a micro FR SNG Player - I was able to achieve +ROI on Partypoker, but zero/- ROI on Pokerstars. After studying ICM harder and using ICMIZER I could say, that my ROI on PS started to increase !
4. Who would I recommend ICMIZER. To All SNG/MTT players ! Especially micro fishes like I was, they also have to study ICM and analyze games...and investment of $8 a month is very, very good investment !
Jan P.
I've been using icmizer for 3 months now and my roi has drastically improved. I review one 180 man sng every day along with my marked hands.
It has been a great help in my development as a poker player. Nash push and call ranges are the fastest way to increase your winrate. Besides that it is fast and user friendly.
I recommend it to anyone.
Tom B.
After I started using icmizer early this year, I realized how deep the game really is and how you have to study a lot to achieve greatness in it.
ICMIZER showed me things I never even thought about before.
If you use ICMIZER as a hobby and just play with the tools you'll find a lot easier to face some spots when play poker that previously you'd have a hard time deciding what's the best move.
Your moves will become more accurate with ease. Even if you just use ICMIZER to consult some hands, it's still a great tool. It's important for both pro poker players and amateurs.
I really love the SNG Coach and I think it's really helpful to put into practice some of the things ICMIZER can do for you. I think it's a GENIUS idea.
Rômulo A.
I started using ICMIZER a few weeks ago and I see I'm much more aggressive in sit and gos push or fold strategy.
It's very important to know if it's wrong or right to push or call especially in hyper turbos where push or fold is something you have to deal with every time you play.
I definitely used to be more tight and not push hands I thought they wouldn't be +EV but now I look at the charts every time I'm thinking if that push or call is right and the ICMIZER tells me immediately.
The button of Nash equilibrium (R.I.P. John thank you for all you've done for us) is something I use a lot because it's the fastest way to see the hand I've just played. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.
Panagiotis R.
I'm am not a ICMIZER paying customer but would love to be. I use the free daily trials and I love the results and information I get.
I don't play many sng so I don't have the need to use it that much. But I would love to be able to try the ICMIZER 2 and really get into my sng game and become a pay customer and crusher of sngs.
Nick S.
If you want to learn winning tournament poker at any level or any kind, you have to practice Chip EV and ICM situations in some kind of simulator. Of all available software for this purpose, ICMIZER is the best.
It has many more options for setting the hand you want to review. One of the tools I like more is "load multiple hands or tourney", it automatically recognizes the hands of the tournament you played so you can review them.
ICMIZER it´s a must have tool for all SNG and MTT player.
Giancarlo Rivera C.
Icmizer is by far the most user-friendly and handy icm calculator I have ever used.
I've been grinding sngs since 2007 and I have used most of the icm tools that have been on the market, from sng powertools to sngwiz and some more obscure ones as well.
What I really like about icmizer is that it's very quick and easy to use and there's no wasting time getting the program set up or loading hands into it. I can just dive right in and find the solutions I'm looking for!
Steve T.
I started using ICMIZR this month, and I play HyperTurboSNGs. It is essential to understand ICM and Nash Equilibrium who play SNGs. There are big swings in HyperTurboSNG, but you have the edge if using ICMIZER.
This is my recent graph, and now I had a downswing but I still have ROI5%. It's great. To use ICMIZER you can improve your skills mathematically and keep your mental good too.
I am interested in using ICMIZER 2. I would recommend and introduce Japanese poker players.
I have been using ICMIZER since 2013 and it´s great. It have improved my feeling for both chip- and icmEV calculations. I would recommend ICMIZER to any serious poker player.
Samuel S.
I`m using ICMIZER around last 2 years when start to play poker for living. I like it GUI. It help to understand, Improve push/fold spot and I`m SnG grinder where it is weary important.
I really want to become ICMIZER 2 tester, because I think this is one of the best program in poker studying process. I would be honored to do that and improve your program as well as my poker skill level!
Recommend to all new and already playing poker players.
Martins R.
I started using ICMIZER in september 2014. I like the fact that ICMIZER has the option to calculate push/fold decisions on MTT tournaments and the Future Game Simulations. Those functionalities were the ones that made me chose ICMIZER over SNG Wizard.
ICMIZER helped me find solutions to push/fold decisions, especially in MTT SNG, and mostly dealing with late position push's. I also used the tool to find best opening ranges from differents positions at the table.
I would recommend ICMIZER to my friends that play serious poker. I recommended to one friend of mine already actually.
Gabriel G.
I started using ICMIZER since last month, playing 6 Max Hyper Turbo $1.50, the same month thank you to ICMIZER went up to $3.50 and this month i´m playing $7.00 :) Check my user name on sharkscope and you´ll see my results ;)
Fernando I.
I've used icmizer and learned a lot during my analysis of spots in which I've realized i was surprisingly far off from optimal.
SNG Coach - this is without doubts the best part of the new ICMizer 2 (ICMizer 2 is also a great improve of the original 1) Practice is the best way to reach a good push-fold game.
A lot of people don’t want to study and analyze their games,but this is more like playing a quiz game,so people can play and learn ranges easier than studying. If the SNG coach works good i will suggest it.
My feedback for icmizer 2 is that it is better. many things have been fixed and are easier to use BUT the huuuuge thing is sng coach! i believe that sng coach alone is at least 5-10 times worth what icmizer is today! that tool is amazing!!!!
Hi Valentin,
Even without having used it, the program capabilities listed are truly incredibly impressive.
I think Icmizer has always offered a higher degree of accuracy and detail compared to other programs however I always thought for the average user it was a little too time consuming to run different models and therefore wasn't used enough to be effective.
It seems as though that has changed and I am really excited about trying it out.
The program is really awesome… The whole program looks amazing. I have only tested the quizzes so far but its smooth and it is by far the best looking ICM program I have ever used.
...This program really is amazing so unbelievable job thus far! I don't have any hand histories at the moment on this computer but plan to play a bit and utilise the other tools of icmizer 2....
I am also a poker coach having worked with over 50+ students I have a good knowledge of ICM poker and feel I could really aid development.
I have been a professional poker player for the last 3 years and have been waiting for a program like this!
Jack S.