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Increased Speed + Automatic Hand Analysis
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Fast Calculations in the Cloud

The computation speed of the NITRO addon in ICMIZER is breaking records. Calculations are performed by super-powerful computers with 32 processing cores, enabling speed advantages of 2x-4x, depending on task type. The speed boost will be particularly appreciated by professionals utilizing the FGS model.

Time Saver

Professional poker players know that their time is valuable, so we made the ICMIZER NITRO especially for them. This is our premium offering for those who demand the very best. The most cutting-edge model of depth 2 or greater FGS calculations requires considerable processing resources. NITRO is capable of processing hands much faster, saving you time staring at loading indicators so you can keep improving your game, and helping you get more out of ICMIZER as a result.
ICMIZER at standard speed

Automatic Hand Analysis

Within the span of minutes, ICMIZER will process hundreds of hands and point out your most costly mistakes. You don’t like wasting time, and ICMIZER picks up every little detail. Start analyzing completed tournaments right after your sessions, letting ICMIZER do the heavy lifting so you can focus on bringing your game to the next level.

Setting up the Hand Auto-Analyzer

The Auto-Analyzer can be set up to choose the most optimal depth of the FGS model when processing hands and looking for errors. Low depth will speed up the process whereas higher depth will produce more accurate results. Depth 0 corresponds to the ICM model. When processing a multi-table tournament, select MTT and indicate the total number of chips in the tournament. ICMIZER uses the computation function of the ICM model up to the final table, allowing you to spot complicated errors at the pre-final stage or on the bubble.