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Sng Wizard 2 Review: Unrestricted range editing and new Result Grid

by Q.

The classic Sng Wizard has several serious shortcomings.

Some of them are the following:

  • You are restricted in range editing. You can use multi positional double slider for range selection, but you cannot add or remove individual hands to range
  • You get to see only the range of hands which are positive pushes and EV of one hand, which you hold. You cannot see the EV of each hand in the range, or EV of hands which didn’t match positive criteria.
  • The results are not precise and contain big errors.

After long anticipation Sng Wizard 2 is released. While it doesn’t bring any new big features it comes with a “fixed” check next to each of the problems in the list above.

That’s how things look on paper and in theory anyway.

In this video we go ahead and launch Sng Wizard 2 and review the practical part of those features – how easy they are to use and the performance aspect of unrestricted range editing and result grid.