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Highly effective Push-or-Fold Bubble Strategy for MTT Tournaments

by Q.

Learn how to build a highly effective push-or-fold bubble strategy for the MTT tournaments by utilizing new capabilities of ICMIZER v2.10 in this video.

This will revolutionize your tournament strategy in MTT tournaments with 100 or fewer players remaining.

ICM plays a huge role in MTT tournaments. The bubble strategy, the pre-final table strategy. Both are very different and very difficult to master intuitively.

With the mathematical approach powered by ICMIZER you can find the optimal strategy in these stages by utilizing ICM calculations which will produce superior results if compared to the popular CHIP EV calculations-based late stage MTT strategies.

If you are still using Chip EV calculations in the late stages of MTTs, you are simply leaving huge EV at the table.

Put it in your pocket by adjusting your strategy with MTT ICM calculations.