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The Art of Push/Fold


Do you play MTT, SNG, HU SNG, Spin & Go, MTTSNG, Fifty 50 or other types of poker tournaments?

Do you want to dramatically improve your push-or-fold play in these tournaments?

If you answered yes, this free video course series is for you!

Tournament poker is getting increasingly more complex and competitive, posing new challenges for mastering the game and becoming a high-stakes regular.
Does it feel like you’re still ‘sponsoring’ your opponents? Is tough competition stopping you from going up the limits? Are you unsure you’ll reach your target income playing poker tournaments in 2015?
In any type of tournament, a lot of the time you are forced to make complex and crucial calls when short-stacked. Either you go all-in or fold your hand, and your tournament results hinge on that hit-or-miss decision.
The thing is, it’s nearly impossible to make the right decisions without a firm grasp on poker math and ICM.

Take this video course series to:

Understand how ICM is relevant in tournament poker, grasp Nash equilibrium and learn the techniques and optimal game strategies that poker pros are using to win big today
Identify concrete steps that will help take your game to the next level
Learn how you can benefit from the new and improved ICMIZER 2

For improved results in SNG, MTT, MTTSNG,
HUSNG, Spin & Go, Fifty 50 and other tournaments

The Art of Push/Fold

Video course series
from the creator of ICMIZER

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This video course series contains everything you need to start beating the field RIGHT AWAY amid the ever toughening competition.

By watching this video course series, you will:

Get advice from the coach and learn concrete techniques that you can put into practice right away to raise your game
Accurately identify situations when you should go all-in (push) as opposed to folding
Know when you should call an opponent’s all-in bet, and when you should fold instead
Learn the quickest way to better results with ICMIZER 2
Go on a virtual tour of ICMIZER 2, which packs 3 products in 1: the improved ICMIZER poker calculator, the brand new preflop SNG Coach, and Replayer for replaying hands at any time

SNG Coach

Find out about our revolutionary strategy for mastering Push/Fold play and how it can help you gain sizeable advantage over your opponents
Get pointers and learn new techniques from the coach that you can put into practice to raise your game and see results right away
Q&A session with the coach

Using what you learned from this video series, you will dramatically raise your game!

Meet your coach:

Q a.k.a. Valentin

Valentin has combined a career in software development with playing poker for the last 8 years, 5 of those as a pro. As a poker coach, he has published more than 50 poker articles and is an active contributor to the leading international poker discussion forums. A tournament poker specialist and ICM expert, Valentin has helped hundreds of advanced poker players solve the most complex theoretical and practical ICM poker problems.
Valentin has devoted several years to studying and devising optimal poker strategies and techniques, which has led him to create ICMIZER. When not coaching, he’s been developing ICMIZER 2 based on a revolutionary new approach to learning and mastering Push/Fold play.

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